Recently, outdoor illumination has gained in popularity as it can add a unique aesthetic dimension to your property at night. Not only can landscape lighting add value to your real estate, it can provide safety and security for you and your guests.

Our landscape lighting systems are professionally designed and utilize only the best-in-class Vista made components. All Vista fixtures and transformers come with a guarantee so you'll have confidence in the durability of your system.

Services Include:

  • Pathlighting: Low level illumination for walkways, steps and other pedestrian areas
  • Uplighting: Casts shadowy silhouettes of trees and other landscape features
  • Downlighting: Casts down light onto walkways, driveways and foliage
  • Backlighting: Adds soft light to the background of your garden or feature
  • Water lighting: Adds lighting to your water feature or display
  • Security lighting: Provides light where needed to give safety and security