Services We Offer

Design, Build, and Installation

Terra Green’s proactive and visionary approach delivers high-quality, custom landscape design services that maximize the potential of your property.

Commercial Maintenance

Terra Green provides comprehensive and customized landscaping maintenance services to commercial properties.

HOA and Multi-Family

Terra Green has served Homeowner Associations and multi-family communities with professional landscaping services for over 15 years.

Irrigation & Water Management

Terra Green’s irrigation and water management division delivers quality and innovative solutions across the Charlotte region.

Why Choose Terra Green?

Terra Green’s goal is to be the most responsible, effective, and respected full service landscaping company in the Charlotte region.

We do that by serving as a leader in:

  • Building and maintaining landscapes and outdoor living spaces for our clients to enjoy
  • Delivering exceptional customer service and care to our clients
  • Doing exactly what we say we’re going to do

How do we do it?
Our expert landscaping as well as our customer service and care are all made possible by our:

  • High-quality execution and experience shaped by 15 years in this work, in this region
  • Customized landscaping designs, solutions and services delivered on time
  • Highly trained and skilled team members who believe in trust, integrity, and respect
  • An innovative approach to how we design and grow our relationships

Why we do it?
Each and every day we focus on making our customers happy. We do that by serving as:

  • A consultant who sees this relationship as a unique opportunity to reinvent outdoor spaces
  • A trusted expert in the art of landscaping design and landscape services
  • An industry leader who knows the Charlotte region
  • A strategic partner for all of your landscaping needs


At Terra Green, we strategically focus our sustainability efforts where we make the most positive impact: Water, Recycling, and Waste Management.
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By leveraging proven horticultural science and today’s practices, Terra Green creates innovative landscape solutions that respect our clients’ time and money. We deliver timely, high quality landscape services that are the ultimate one-two punch: they’re efficient and effective.
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As a local leader in landscape services with 15 years of experience, we know the Charlotte community. Respect is two-fold which is why we take great pride in actively serving the communities where we live and work. We proudly support youth sports, the arts, education and other local nonprofit endeavors making a difference.
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Terra Green's goal is to be the most
responsible, effective, and respected full service
Landscape Company in the Charlotte region.

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