When it comes to water management and irrigation system installation, there is no cutting corners. As a licensed irrigation contractor, Terra Green incorporates the latest technology and equipment into our system designs.

As our Charlotte region develops, the effective use of water for our landscapes is becoming an important issue and an innovative practice. You can trust us and our approach to water management and irrigation. We respond in a timely manner, deliver the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you maximize its benefit and use, and give you flexible service options.

Irrigation Design and Install

As a licensed irrigation contractor, Terra Green incorporates the latest technology and equipment into our system designs and when it comes to irrigation system installation there is no cutting corners.  All irrigation system parts and installations are guaranteed for one year.

Trouble Shooting and Repairs

When you encounter problems with your irrigation system, you can trust Terra Green; contact us, and one of our technicians will be dispatched in a timely manner to your property to resolve the issue.  We are flexible in providing service options; many repairs can be completed on the first visit eliminating the cost of additional service calls. We do have a minimum hourly charge for all service calls in the Charlotte region.  

Back Flow Inspections

To ensure the safety of our communities’ drinking water, a backflow prevention device is required on in-ground irrigation systems.  Most municipal water systems require an annual test and certification of residential backflow devices.

Terra Green is a certified and approved tester for backflow devices for irrigation systems.  Contact our office to schedule you annual test.

Ponds and Water Features

Water elements add a dimension to your landscape that will allow you to differentiate you property, community or commercial establishment. Terra Green offers a full suite of services including Design, Construction, and maintenance of ponds, fountains and water features.

Water Audits

Terra Green will inspect your irrigation system and analyze your water consumption in an effort to optimize your water use. Our team evaluates irrigation zones, system pressure, controllers and coverage areas and with this information prepare our recommendations of areas for possible improvements.  

Our team of experts will work with you to control the movement of water on your property in a manner that minimizes damage to your landscape while preserving this precious resource.

Our services include (and are not limited to):

  • Storm Water Management
  • Grading and Drainage Remediation
  • Detention Pond Renovations and Maintenance
  • Stream Bank Erosion Control
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Rain Gardens